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You can contact us at or call us at (360) 520-2847.

Current Prices

Grower Feeds

14% NCS Grower ... $15.00
20% MaxGrow ... $17.50
16% Grower ... $15.75

Poultry Feeds

Poultry NCS Broiler ... $20.00
16% Poultry NCS ... $16.50
Patriot Poultry Special ... $16.50

Horse/Goat/Sheep/Cow Feeds

Sound Performance Equine ... $18.50
Super Equine ... $14.50
14% All Purpose ... $14.50

Other Products

Chicken Crack Scratch ... $8.99 (25# bag)

A great blend of limestone grit, oyster shell, whole oats and barley. This will help keep your egg shells hard and your chickens producing more eggs! This is a non GMO product!

Custom Mixes

Listed prices for non GMO feed are for 40lb bags, Standard feed with corn and soy are 50lb bags purchased on site at Patriot Farm & Feed in Winlock, plus tax if applicable.

Prices at drop locations or retail stores may vary by location and all prices subject to change.

Bulk and Volume Discounts (for on Farm pickup in Winlock only)

Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

Patriot Farm & Feed
142 Lamprecht Road
Winlock, Washington
(360) 520-2847

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